9/30/22 Deadline for Wisconsin Help for Homeowners Assistance Applications: The Wisconsin Department of Administration announced that the "Wisconsin Help for Homeowners" program will stop accepting new applications for assistance after 9/30/2022. For those who are struggling, there is help out there! You can submit an application today until 9/30/2022 for assistance on your Utility & Home Energy Payments, Mortgage Payments, Other Household Bills, or for even Services to Help You Stay in Your Home.Check out this link for more information: https://doa.wi.gov/Pages/LocalGovtsGrants/Homeowner-Assistance.aspx# - or contact the Central Wisconsin CAC at 608-254-8353 or check out their website at this link: https://www.cwcac.org/


Brush from Fallen Trees/Limbs

The rain, hail, and wind storm that the Village experienced last night was one for the books and we cannot thank the North Freedom, WI  Fire Department and our amazing Director of Public Works, John Anstett, enough for all of their hard work doing the clean up last night and today.  Thank you!  Your work is greatly appreciated!

With this being said, if you were affected with tree limbs/brush that fell on your property, what the Village has done in the past is that you may place those piles out where you would normally place your brush piles for the annual clean-ups and they will be picked up by the Village.  It could be that your pile may take a little bit of extra time to be picked up as the whole Village was affected.

Thank you for your patience!