Spring Clean Up Questions: There have been some questions asked this morning after the Spring Clean Up. At the top of the information sheet that went out, there were UNACCEPTABLE items that would NOT get picked up and METAL was one of those items.  Unfortunately, there is not many options to get rid of metal efficiently, but there are local scrap collectors that may collect the metal items to dispose of it for you or you could reach out to a metal scrap yard in the area to see if they could help you with disposal. There is one in Portage:  Alter Metal Recycling, 300 E Mullett St, Portage, WI 53901.  608-742-2144. Thank you.


Snow and Ice Removal Reminder

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…maybe somewhere else… 🎶❄️

As a reminder, with the unknown possibility of however much snow coming the rest of our Winter season, the Village of North Freedom has a Village Ordinance (8.04) that any owner, occupant, person in charge of each and every building or structure or unoccupied lot in the Village fronting or abutting any street shall clean or cause to be cleaned the sidewalk in front of or adjoining each such building or unoccupied lot of snow of ice to the width of such sidewalk within 24 hours after the cessation of a snowstorm.  The picture is from our Quarterly Newsletter.  Copies can be viewed on our website or can be picked up from the Village Office.

We know that the snow is a pain for some but there are a few people in the Village that do snow removal (some for a fee).  If you need a name of someone that removes snow in the Village, feel free to call the Village Office at 608-522-4550!

Thank you!